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Our people, our teams, are the heart of the Doylo Lifestyle Group.

Doylo Lifestyle Group (DLG) is looking for suitably qualified cooks and chefs.
This means recruiting from outside of Australia.

Why are we doing this?
The Australian hospitality industry is experiencing a major skills shortage which has been made worse by the pandemic. Read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

We are prepared to offer the following:

  • A virtual pre-employment assessment.
  • A secure job in a professional environment with wages that are set by the Australian government.
  • Financial assistance with Migration fees.
  • Financial assistance with travel to Australia.
  • Accommodation and transport when you first arrive to help you get settled in your new home.
  • The option to include your partner and children in your migration to Australia

More About Us
The Doylo was established in 1964. Over the last 50 years, Doyalson Wyee RSL has transformed into Doylo Lifestyle Group (DLG).

Doylo Lifestyle Group’s estate comprises of hospitality, wellness and lifestyle businesses.
We operate several restaurant and bars as well as a gym and recreation facilities. Our 10 years estate plan involves $45m investment. We are growing and need the team to help us do it!

We are known for creating memorable moments and experiences, providing the best customer experiences, and creating a way of life.

Our people live and breathe our culture, and represent the Doylo brand with pride, passion and enthusiasm.

We are influencers of lifestyle choices, creators &  inspirers of moments… We are unique & uncommon, and we develop places & spaces that are relevant, contemporary and inviting.

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